NAD PP 375 Phono Preamplifier MDC Module (each)

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NAD PP 375 Phono Preamplifier MDC Module

The PP 375 is a simple dealer-installed module that integrates a very high performance phono input with our top Classic Series Integrated Amps, the C 375BEE and C 356BEE. This high performance phono stage supports both low and high output moving coil cartridges, as well as the broad selection of moving magnet and moving iron cartridges on the market today.


Fantastic Vinyl Playback

An extremely accurate RIAA filter (required for LP playback) with excellent sensitivity, high overload margins and extremely low levels of noise and distortion, extract every nuance of sound from your LPs.

MDC Modular Design Construction

This MDC upgrade module represents our belief that customers should be able to easily add new features in the future without replacing the entire component. MDC not only reduces cost, but also the impact on the environment.

Award-winning Design

The PP 375 circuit, designed by Director of Advanced Development, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, is based on many award-winning preamp designs. MDC also received the prestigious RedDot Design Award in 2009.

Seamless Integration

Unlike other external phono preamps, the PP 375 does not need extra wires, power supplies or interconnect cables. Automatically assigned to the DISC input selection on the MDC amp, the level is well matched to other line level inputs.

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