Boston Acoustics BT2 3-Way LCR Speaker with Dual 8-Inch Cast Neo Magnet Woofers

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Boston BT Series set new performance standards for speakers designed for use in A/V cabinetry or the front theater stage. Coupled with appropriate amplification, BT systems are capable of delivering massive output typically associated with commercial movie theater or concert hall performances. From explosive music and pounding effects to the most artistic texturing and softest whispers, BT's extraordinary power handling and sensitivity allow extreme audio levels while preserving the subtlest details. All without the enormous speaker size and mass normally required for true big theater sound. Sound so detailed and dynamic, it's utterly stunning. Clear and uncolored across the entire audio spectrum. This is the award-winning, true-to-the original performance known as the Boston Sound.

Every aspect of the BT2 has been thoroughly thought out. The width of the BT2 is a standard component size of 171/2" allowing easy installation into A/V cabinetry. Die-cast finger pulls" positioned at the front of the speaker enclosure provide easy installation in tight cabinet spaces, supplied neoprene pads prevent scratching and allow for smooth slide-in positioning of the speakers. All cable input terminals and switches are recessed at the rear of the speaker.

The BT2's midrange/tweeter baffle can rotate 360 degrees for horizontal or vertical placement in cabinetry maintaining the proper sonic vertical alignment of the mid-range and tweeter. The baffle may also be angled for more accurate imaging when the speaker is far off-axis. Made from ridged die-cast aluminum, the baffle's thermal mass provides tremendous heat dissipation for the midrange and tweeter improving power handling and reliability.

The BT2 uses Boston's 1-inch VR high-output aluminum-dome tweeter, and 4 -inch neodymium midrange with 1 "-inch voice coil. Two 8-inch woofers using 1 -inch voice coils, neodymium magnets and cast aluminum baskets

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