NAD T 977 Seven Channel Power Amplifier (each)

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NAD T 977 Seven Channel Power Amplifier

Our T 977 is an extremely powerful, high performance seven-channel power amplifier capable of delivering the musical muscle that serious movie lovers demand. Along with NAD& 39;s T 187 Surround Sound Preamp Processor, you& 39;ll enjoy a sophisticated home theatre system that will rival gear costing many times more. We doubt you& 39;ll find anything that comes close to the T 977& 39;s overall musical satisfaction, well-rounded performance, and complete value.

Powerful Impact

The T 977 unleashes 140 watts of continuous power and flexes its musical muscle with peaks of 1000 watts into seven channels for an audio experience that simply has to be heard. Thanks to its specially designed Holmgren Torodial power supply, the T 977 will never come up short in power, handling even the most demanding music and film soundtracks with ease and control.

 Legendary Technology

Our NAD PowerDrive circuit delivers very high dynamic power and low impedance drive to accurately control loudspeakers, resulting in remarkably musical and relaxed sound. PowerDrive gives the T 977 maximum power no matter what you throw at it. We also include our exclusive Soft Clipping feature to protect your speakers (and ears) from damaging clipping distortion.

& 39;Music First& 39;

With total elimination of audible distortion at any listening level, the T 977 provides precise imaging and spine tingling realism in movies and music alike. Each of its seven channels is fully independent to eliminate inter-channel interference and noise with the use of NAD& 39;s active ground circuit, and features MOSFET Class A input and driver stage circuits with a highcurrent output stage design employing high speed, discrete output devices. The result is superb dynamic quality and musical detail.

Radically Cool

The T 977 is cooled and controlled by a uniquely designed forced air system originally introduced in our top-of-theline Masters Series M25. The circuit measures not only the temperature of the heat sinks, but also the level of the input signals, to automatically silence the fans so as not to spoil quiet music passages. A combination of fuse and electronic nonintrusive protection safeguards each of the seven channels against excess temperature, DC fault, and loudspeaker short-circuit.

Installer& 39;s Dream

Developed with system integration and flexibility in mind, the T 977 include programmable 12V trigger input. Individual gain adjustment for each channel promotes easy, accurate system confi guration, as does the integral 12V trigger turn-on response. The T 977 is also outfitted with heavyduty, five-way connectors and gold-plated RCA input jacks.

 Efficient and Reliable

The T 977 power supply is designed with our exclusive Holmgren transformer, which together with PowerDrive, acts as a "fuel cell" that supplies power to the audio circuitry and power amp, yet maintains superb isolation between the amplifier and any "dirty" noise on the AC supply that could affect the overall audio performance. A convenient automatic standby mode saves energy when the T 977 is idle.


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