Earthquake Sound Limestone-10D Outdoor Subwoofer(limestone)(each)

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Limestone-10D Outdoor Subwoofer

The ROCK-on subwoofer, Limestone-10D, brings bass to your outdoor space, something that is greatly needed in today’s rock speaker market. The Limestone-10D features high power crossovers that reduce distortions and deliver pure sound that blends in with nature. This dual voice coil subwoofer boasts an “S” shaped port so water cannot get trapped inside. We have tested and retested our subwoofer to ensure it is up to par with our reputable line of subs.

Combined with the Limestone-82 speakers, you can turn any backyard into an entertainment center.


        Epoxy resin durable construction
        Rock-like appearance and finish to easily blend in with any outdoor environment
        Completely sealed speaker with Santoprene surrounds, poly cones and poly dust caps
        High power crossovers


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