NHT SS 10 Subwoofer (black)(each)

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SS 10

The SS-10 Subwoofer is the perfect compact subwoofer for our Super Series speakers. We upgraded the original Super 8 model by substituting the former 8” driver with a 10” and a 250W amplifier, effectively doubling the power of its predecessor. The SS10 features the same I/O and controls as the CS-10. The 11.6” square cabinet is finished in the same pristine Japanese made gloss vinyl laminate as the rest of the Super Series. With bass response down to mid-30Hz, the SS-10 presents a real value and turns either Super Zero or Super One speakers into a powerful, full range system.


10" paper cone long throw

Magnetically shielded

L and R line level on RCA

Frequency Response
-3dB @ 34Hz

Amplifier Power
250W 4 ohms, 1% THD

Amplifier Type
Class D

Adjustable Low Pass
40-140Hz, LFE (bypass low pass)

0-180 degrees 2 position switched

Cabinet Size
12.25" x 12.25" x 12.25"

Cabinet Material
18mm MDF with 1mm Aluminum sheet (interior)

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