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Dynamic audiophile performance from a practically invisible ceiling speaker.

Big sound from our top-of-the-line, largest-diameter stealth in-ceiling loudspeaker, brings the benefits of the incredibly detailed Ring Radiator Tweeter to your larger rooms and audio installations with no obtrusive interruption of your d cor. Full-range dynamics, superior mids and highs, supplemented by deep bass from the innovative rear-mounted oval woofer driver, make this speaker the choice for spreading the warmth and joy of audio throughout your living space. Shallow Sheer-Grille and minimal-flange design insures the least possible visual intrusion, for pure aural fulfillment.

  • Full-Range 3-Way Driver Array in the Smallest Diameter Innovative new patent-pending design! It’s like having a full-range, full-size speaker in a small inset lighting fixture. Adding a woofer for low frequency response frees up the midrange and tweeter for more efficient detail. To do it, we designed a deep well and mounted the Cassini oval woofer above and behind the main driver array. This innovative deep diagonal positioning allows the 50-RT cutout to be just 6" in diameter. This full-range 3-way driver array results in the kind of broad coverage and big performance usually achieved only with… bigger speakers!
  • Practically invisible grilles and minimal flanges New design! No other moderately-priced built-in speaker is this invisible. Vanishing Series Built-In Speakers feature our exclusive wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically-secured grille that protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings. That’s just this much ----. Painted to match your d cor, Vanishing Series Built-In Speakers are virtually indistinguishable from their surroundings. Sheer-Grilles have nearly transparent, ultra-small perfs, and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage, even in larger rooms.
  • Timbre-Matched to Polk Audio LSi Speakers Match Vanishing LS speakers to our flagship LSi Series Loudspeakers. Timbre-matching with the same internal components, and same lightweight Aerated Polypropylene Cone material, insures utterly seamless blending from speaker to speaker. Use Vanishing Series Speakers to build a system or complete an existing LSi system.
  • Customizable Wall Distance Setting Tailors frequency response for optimum performance regardless of room shape. Ignore the usual performance-robbing suspects of corners and adjacent wall surfaces! The Wall Distance Setting gives you the power to defeat “boominess,” even in close quarters, leaving dynamic response intact.
  • Dual Bandpass Bass Ports Bandpass Ports are the way to go when you want high efficiency in small enclosures. Each Vanishing In-Ceiling Speaker sports dual Bandpass Bass Ports, smoothly funneling the angled woofer’s detailed low-frequencies down around the midrange and tweeter array. The port design eliminates “chuffing,” so your small, practically invisible in-ceiling speakers achieve superior full-range blending and broad coverage with surprisingly deep bass.
  • Easy Installation Puts the architectural elegance of “invisible” speakers within reach for anyone. In existing closed ceilings, use the Perfect Fit Template for one-cut, pop-in simplicity. Achieve secure, vibration-free efficiency with a simple turn of the patented Rotating Cam system. Pre-construction brackets are available for new-build or open-ceiling retro-fitting. Our precision-engineered minimally flanged design lets you get professional results with no additional drywall work.

Driver Complement

Diameter 3/4" (1.91cm) 
Type Ring radiator 
Diameter 3 1/4" (8.26cm) 
Type Dynamic Balance driver with aerated polypropylene cone 
Diameter 6" (15.24cm) 
Type Dynamic Balance woofer with mineral-filled polypropylene cone 


Total Frequency Response 28Hz-33kHz 
Upper -3dB Limit 29 kHz
Lower -3dB Limit 40 Hz
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Efficiency 90 dB
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-150 watts per channel
Inputs Gold-plated spring-loaded posts 


Cut-Out Diameter 8 3/16" (20.80cm) 
Overall Diameter 9 5/8" (24.45cm) 
Mounting Depth (includes 1/2" drywall) 8 7/8" (22.54cm) 
Pre-Construction Bracket PB LC60i
Overall Depth 9 3/8" (23.81cm) 


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