Focal DOME 2.1 FLAX W/SUB AIR(black)(system)

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    Includes 2 Focal Dome Flax Satellite Speakers, Focal Sub Air
    High-fidelity speakers, patented Flax technology
    Focal sound with advanced technologies
    Install the Sub Air wherever you want thanks to the wireless connection (wireless transmitter included)

Dome Flax Satellite Loudspeaker: The Focal Dome Flax Pack 5.1 includes five of Focal's Dome Flax satellite loudspeakers. Focal's Dome Flax is a high-end satellite loudspeaker that is made in France and incorporates Focal loudspeaker technology from the brand's most prestigious models. The Dome Flax uses a two-way driver configuration with a 1" Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter and a 4" Flax cone woofer for a natural, multi-directional soundstage.

1" Aluminum/Magnesium Inverted Dome Tweeter: The Focal Dome Flax satellite loudspeaker features a 1" Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter. This configuration produces a precise, analytical sound and an extremely deep soundstage. Magnesium possesses great damping qualities, while Aluminum provides greater rigidity. The unique marriage of these two metals offers several key advantages - rapid response, reduced distortion, and excellent damping. This enables the tweeter to extend its frequency response to 28kHz (-3dB) with thigh frequencies that are both dynamic and detailed.

4" Flax Cone Woofer: The Focal Dome Flax satellite loudspeaker utilizes a 4" Flax cone woofer. The flax cone is made in France and exclusively by Focal since 2013. With its original design, the cone is entirely oriented towards acoustic performance. It is made of high quality flax fiber enclosed by two thin layers of glass fiber. The Flax cone is characterized by its natural sound, with low coloration, its richness of reproduction in the midrange register and its tighter bass. The lightness of the fiber satisfies the criteria of high internal damping, high velocity and high flexural rigidity. Flax is twice as light as fiberglass, because the fiber is hollow. It also has very low elasticity which makes it ideal to increase the flexural rigidity of a sandwich structure.

High-Gloss Lacquered Aluminum Enclosure: The Dome Flax has a sleek, sealed enclosure design without any visible screw fittings, and is made using sophisticated materials with luxury finishes. It's round shape & design resembles that of a spot-light, which is ideal to avoid internal resonances that distort the purity of timbers. The enclosure is completely sealed for more accurate sound, void of any port noise. The Dome Flax is available in a gloss white finish with removal grey cloth grille or a gloss black finish with a removal black cloth grille.

Set-Screw Speaker Terminals: The Focal Dome Flax satellite loudspeaker employs bottom-mounted set-screw terminals which will accept bare wire up to 16 gauge. A hex-key is included to adjust the set screws.

Multi-Direction Sound w/ Flexible Mounting Options: The Focal Dome Flax satellite loudspeaker is multi-directional, so placement is flexible. The Dome Flax is ideal for rooms and spaces up to approximately 430 square feet. It can be placed on a table-top, or mounted to the wall or ceiling.

    Integrated Table-Top Stand: The satellite loudspeaker comes with an integrated table-top stand and a rubber foot pad which allows it to securely set on top of a piece of AV furniture, stand, shelf, or desk. The integrated table-top stand allows the speaker to fire directly out into the room, or you can tilt the speaker upward (up to 90°).
    Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket: The integrated table-top stand also allows you to mount the speaker to the wall or ceiling with the included mounting bracket. The rubber foot pad is removed and the included bracket is attached to the bottom of the table-stop stand after the bracket is secured to the wall or ceiling with the included screws. When wall-mounted, the speaker can fire directly out into the room, or you can tilt the speaker downward (up to 90°). When ceiling-mounted, the speaker fires directly down into the room, or you can tilt the speaker upward (up to 90°).

Wireless Powered Subwoofer

Wireless Connectivity: The Focal Sub Air is equipped with a built-in wireless receiver and comes with an external wireless transmitter, so you don't have to run a subwoofer cable between your AV receiver or integrated amplifier and the powered sub. The external wireless transmitter features LFE/RCA inputs which connect to your AV receiver or integrated amplifier's LFE output or stereo preouts. The low-frequency audio signals from your receiver or amplifier are then wirelessly transmitted to the Sub Air's built-in wireless receiver. The Focal Sub Air has a wireless range of approximately 49'.

    Note: The Focal Sub Air and the included wireless transmitter come wirelessly connected from the factory. It is only possible to connect one Sub Air powered subwoofer to one wireless transmitter at a time, and vice-versa.

8" Cellulose Pulp Cone Woofer: The Focal Sub Air wireless powered subwoofer features a 8" cellulose pulp cone woofer that sounds great for movie and music soundtracks.

    Note: The driver used in the Sub Air is made up of complex mechanical elements and requires a break-in period before it delivers the best of its performances. Focal recommends that you to let the subwoofer operate for about twenty hours at medium level, playing standard music programs, but with a large amount of bass.

110W BASH Amplifier: The Focal Sub Air wireless powered subwoofer employs a built-in 110W (RMS)/150W Peak) BASH amplifier for dynamic bass response.

Bass Reflex Enclosure: The Focal Sub Air wireless powered subwoofer utilizes a bass reflex enclosure with a side-firing bass port for added efficiency and bigger bass response. The bass port has been finely tuned to prevent port noise and distortion. The enclosure is available in a gloss black or gloss white lacquer finish.

Sub Controls: The Focal Sub Air provides Volume, Crossover, and Phase controls on the bottom-panel.

    Volume Level: The volume level controls the overall output level of the powered subwoofer, relative to the volume of the Dome Flax satellite speakers.
    Low Pass Crossover: The Focal Sub Air is equipped with a variable low-pass crossover which can be set between 50Hz and 200Hz. If your AV receiver is equipped with an LFE output, make sure the set the Sub Air's low-pass crossover to the "LFE" setting.
    Phase Switch: The phase switch allows for the adjustment of the phase of the powered subwoofer in relation to the Dome Flax speakers - either 0° or 180°. If the bass sounds muddy or unclear, adjusting the phase control can sometimes strengthen the bass performance.

LFE/RCA Input: If you prefer a wired connection, the Focal Sub Air is also equipped with an LFE/stereo RCA input on the bottom-panel. Use the RCA input jack labeled "Right/LFE" for an LFE connection to your AV receiver. You will need to run a subwoofer cable (sold separately) from your AV receiver or integrated amplifier's LFE/RCA output to the powered sub.

Auto On/Standby: The Focal Sub Air will automatically power on when it detects an audio signal and go into standby mode when there is not audio signal present. You can also choose to manually turn the power of the Sub Air on and off.

Mounting & Placement Options: The Focal Sub Air wireless powered subwoofer can be simply placed on the floor using the included rubber feet or even mounted to a wall using the included wall-mount kit. Focal recommends placing the Sub Air wireless powered subwoofer in a corner towards the front of the room near the front satellite speakers for optimum bass performance and a +6dB boost in bass output.

AC Power Requirements: Both the wireless powered subwoofer and wireless transmitter will require AC power. The wireless powered sub includes an 8' detachable AC power cord. The wireless transmitter includes an AC power adapter with an attached 6' DC cord.


    Dome Flax Satellites:
    integrated stand/mount tilts up to 90° for setup flexibility
    frequency response: 80-28,000 Hz (±3 dB)
    recommended amplifier power: 25-100 watts
    4" woven flax fiber mid-bass driver with rubber surround
    1" aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter
    lacquered high-gloss white aluminum cabinet
    5-3/4"W x 6-3/4"H x 5-5/8"D (each)
Sub Air Wireless Powered Subwoofer:

    shallow, wall-mountable design
    110-watt RMS (150-watt peak) amplifier
    8" cellulose pulp cone woofer
    receives high-quality audio signals wirelessly
        included wireless transmitter connects to your A/V receiver
    frequency response 40-200 Hz (±3dB)
    14-1/4"W x 16-1/8"H x 6-3/8"D


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