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Bose 251™ Environmental Speakers

Product highlights:

    Articulated Array® speaker design* reproduces sound over a larger area.
    Patented multi-chamber bass enclosure for deep bass without audible distortion.
    Engineered to withstand snow, sun, rain, ice and saltwater spray.
    Five-year limited warranty.

*By precisely positioning the drivers inside the speaker cabinet, an Articulated Array speaker design can provide a large, consistent sound field. This allows for a more cinema-like experience with our VCS-10® center channel speaker and 161™ speakers, and for more even sound coverage with our 251® environmental speakers.

Meet the new standard in outdoor sound.

You demand quite a bit from an outdoor speaker. Not only do you expect adequate sound coverage, you need a durable speaker that withstands extreme conditions year-round. It takes a special speaker to meet these challenges.

Consider award-winning 251® environmental speakers, tough enough to beat the weather with uncompromised Bose® sound. These speakers produce balanced stereo sound over a much wider area when compared to most conventional speakers. And they& 39;re built to last.

Go ahead, cook on the deck, splash around in the pool or work out in the garden. The 251 speakers offer a rewarding, reliable performance that sets a new standard in outdoor sound. The compact, elegant design shows your good taste outdoors, as well.

Speaker technology that covers all the angles.

Hear the performance of 251 speakers, and you might ask how they produce such remarkable high-fidelity sound outdoors. The key is our Articulated Array® speaker design. Each speaker houses two precisely angled drivers to produce an extremely wide sound field and consistent performance as you move around outside.
And our patented multi-chambered bass enclosure helps deliver full, deep bass without audible distortion so you can enjoy some serious impact with the low notes.

Expand your Lifestyle® system outdoors.

If you own a Lifestyle® system, you can power 251 speakers with the Lifestyle® SA-1 stereo amplifier and bring the performance and simplicity of your system to the porch, pool or patio. It& 39;s the perfect opportunity to do more with your Lifestyle® system, and with the Lifestyle® SA-1 stereo amplifier, it couldn& 39;t be easier.

Tested to ensure performance in extreme conditions.

Bose 251 speakers are engineered and tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of 140° F to -22° F. Such rigorous testing ensures a level of performance most conventional outdoor speakers — and many indoor speakers — simply cannot match.

These speakers also include weather-resistant mounting brackets and hardware to allow for easy installation.
Features                 Benefits
Two 2 1/2" Twiddler™ drivers in an
articulated Array® speaker design    Lifelike stereo sound over a larger listening area instead of in one small "sweet spot" as with conventional                 speakers.
One 5 1/4" woofer in a patented
multi-chamber bass enclosure    Delivers deep, full bass with no audible distortion.
Talc- and glass-filled polypropylene
cabinet                Added durability against extreme conditions.
5 1/4" woofers with polymer fiber
 composite cone and butyl rubber
 surround             High-quality bass reproduction along with resistance to deterioration from exposure to extreme conditions.
2 1/2" Twiddler drivers with fiberglass
 composite cone and silky light
surround                High-quality sound reproduction in the mid and high frequencies along with resistance to deterioration from                 exposure to extreme conditions.
Weather-resistant brackets and
hardware                Allows for placement outdoors or in marine environments.
Syncom® computer testing-         Contributes to one of the highest levels of quality and reliability in the audio industry.
Dimensions            13 1/2"H x 5 1/4"W x 8"D (34.3 x 14.6 x 20.3 cm)

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